Как искать картины в нашем магазине?
Unfortunately ebay does not provide many search tools. Where possible we have included both the name of the artist and the name of the painting in the title of the object. We recommend you to check the flag "search title and description" for a more complete search.

For this reason, we are making a photographic catalog, organized according to multiple search criteria, please visit our catalog page for status updates.

We have organized the categories in the following way:

Categories of selections
These are accurate selections of best sellers, most famous paintings , Popular styles

Categories of artists
In this category are all the major masters of the past

Categories artists in alphabetical order
Where it was not possible to include additional categories of artists, we have included artists in alphabetical order.

Artists by country
In this category we included paintings by artists depending on the country of origin.
For example, a painting by an American artist could be found in the category of america .

Category for measurement
Very clients want a picture of a certain size, in this category we have divided the paintings for the most recurrent measures. For all the works that were not covered in most measures , however, were included in the catogorie "others small", "others medium" " others large "

If you do not find the painting you are looking for, you can always send an email with the photo of the painting that you want to receive an offer from us , please refer to: http://www.elite-paintings.com/infopages/custompaintingsru.html