Proposal offer
First of all we wish to point out that the prices of our paintings are already market prices compared with any other seller of artworks. Our paintings are made one by one for each customer in high quality, they are not paintings bought in quantity stocks.

Every day we receive many proposal offers from ebay, unfortunately many of them are too low, considering that our prices are already market prices. For this reason we feel useless to make counter offers to customers who are so distant from the discount we can give.


Another important detail that we take into consideration is the number of pictures that the customer actually wants to buy. If the customer does not add any note on ebay, it is not possible to know how many paintings the customer will buy even making more than one offer, therefore, as we offer free shipping to many countries, we have to consider the shipping costs that occur for one painting. If the customer tells us in his proposal how many paintings he intends to purchase he can receive a better treatment.

Finally we like to inform our customers that the costs of the paintings can vary over time, from artist to artist, and on the basis of other factors, so it often happens that we can respond with a minimum discount for some works and with a better discount for others. If the customer is not satisfied with the discount he has received we suggest he tries with other paintings as he could get a much higher discount.

Please contact us for more information

How does the proposal offer of ebay work:

Instead of buying the product directly, the customer can make a proposal of how much he would be willing to spend on this painting (the proposal can only be considered if it is adequate to the offered price). During the following 48 hours, the possible scenarios are as follows: We accept the offer, the customer can complete the purchase by paying the painting
- We make a counter-offer with the discount we can grant, the customer can decide whether to accept it or not.
- The client receives no response because his offer is too low.
- Each painting can be created in any or its original size. * If the customer needs one or more paintings of the same size or wants a painting of a size not proportional to the artwork, photos can be adapted and trimmed, or it is possible to realize a detail. In all cases we can send a simulation.

Please contact us at our email addresses for requests of the above kind.

* In some countries it is possible that a painting cannot be created in its original size, which will so be slightly different.