Estirado y enmarcado
Our company offers a full service to complete your painting stretched and framed, and produces a large number of works each day in our factory with our employees, we are able to offer a fast, economical and quality service, much better of what you can find locally at a local framer. In addition, the offer is extremely wide range of frames and suitable for all styles and environments.

We also offer a free simulation of the painting purchased with frames prefer. Pointing out the models of the frames you will receive a simulation of how would the paintings with the frame choices.

Catalogs frames

The price of stretching and frames is expressed in meters.

Example: In the case of a painting 60x80 cm, you will need to calculate the perimeter as follows: 60 +60 +80 +80 = 280cm equal to 2.8 meters You then need to multiply the price with the price per meter offered. If purchasing frame you'll have to add the cost of the stretching and the frame choice.

For paintings with frame and frames, our company has developed a very resistant packaging, cases of damage to paintings with frame during transport are approximately 1 for 1000.

Extra shipping cost
For the shipment of paintings stretched and / or frames there is an additional charge as follows:
Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Czech rep, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary € 5.
France, UK, Spain € 8.
Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Sweden 10 €.

The supplement is valid for purchase from 1 to 3 paintings, for quantities greater than, the price needs to be adjusted. In addition, the shipper we use, has a size limit of the pack of 225 cm for the sum of 3 sides, so the paintings above the measuring 90x120, the price needs to be adjusted.

For all other countries, the shipping cost of the framed paintings should be verified with the shipper