Delivery time
Hand painted pictures have a production time of 30-35 days. More complex paintings or purchases of more than one painting require a production time of 45 days.

Stretched or framed paintings need further 5 to 10 days.

The above times need the addition of the following forwarding times:
European Union 2-5 days;
other European countries, USA , Canada and Australia 5-8 days;
rest of the world 7-15 days.

Please note that in this short period we produce a painting specifically for the customer by one of our artists in another country, then the artwork must be dried and sent to us .Ebay asks you to write a detailed assessment of the delivery times, but not all customers understand that the assessment should be based on the offered time and in consideration of the workmanship behind each painting. In order to continue our business on ebay and spread the art on ebay, we need our delivery times to be evaluated in respect to the proposed times.